One last wedding photo

I haven’t been a good blogger this week! I’m still trying to adjust my life with my job’s hours of 2-8pm. It doesn’t sound like it’s such a big deal probably but it is for me. Since I haven’t been blogging I have been trying to keep my creativity up by doing my digital Project Life. I LOVE this system. It lets me focus on the photos more than the papercrafting I used to do before. There is nothing wrong with that way but I had way too many photos that I want to document with the memories. Plus, I get to learn more about Photoshop Elements this way and that is a win-win for me. So I have completed most of June and wanted to do a nice tribute of Moni and Josh’s wedding photos since, eh-hem Ray and I took those pictures {BIG GRIN}. I thought of this page using Ray’s photo as the background canvas. Yes, Ray can be my wing-man anytime. I have added all of my most favorite poses of the bride and groom. 6 June 2013 pg 9 Favorite Wedding shots (800x800)

Topped off with a beautiful overlay Polo by Libby Pritchett from Sweet Shoppe


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