A new experience

There are quite a few restaurants in our area and even though we’ve lived here for a year (almost) we’ve never gone to The Plaid Turnip until today. I love the name of the restaurant and thought I took a snap of their sign but I had the video feature turned on by accident.

The decor enchanted me from the get go! It was smaller inside than I had imagined but it was laid out very nicely. We were seated next to the big window at the front of the building. I love lots of light so that made me happy. Then we perused the menu which had a lot of interesting food choices. I decided on a cold plate with chicken salad, coleslaw and potato salad. Ray got a burger and fries. The prices were very reasonable too.

I’m picky with potato salad and I can say it was ok. That and the chicken salad needed more spices, even just basic salt but the coleslaw was good and Ray liked his food. We will give them another try.

Photos taken with my cell phone, Samsung Stratosphere:






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