Grill master Ray

There are so many benefits to us living in this apartment.  Not having to do the lawn work is a biggie, or worry about shoveling snow (if that happens here) and of course, we don’t have to worry about maintenance issues.  But there is one thing that has been one huge difference for us and that’s summer grilling.  We are not allowed to grill on our balcony for fire safety reasons and that is very understandable.

They provide grills and picnic tables around the property but Ray likes to grill on “his grill” so we didn’t grill any last summer but this spring Ray said he was buying a mini-version of “his grill” and he would tote it downstairs and grill the foods then bring it back up when it cooled off.  Yay Ray!

Last night he wanted to grill burgers – oh my goodness YES!  He also wraps the corncobs with some butter and grills them too…delish.   So I helped him lug all the stuff down and then got a photo shoot in manual mode.

It’s scary how long it’s been since I used manual mode.  But it’s like riding a bike!

Here’s Ray, my wingman, my honey and my ham:


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