Celebrating the Mundane

Yesterday, I called my husband on my way to work and said we had to DO SOMETHING this weekend.  I avidly completed my June pages for my digital Project Life last weekend and I never left the house.  I realized that I don’t have much to scrapbook for the month of July when I walked to my car yesterday, I shook my head at my hermit weekend.

I obviously don’t make many memories (that can be put in a scrapbook, lol) sitting around the apartment.  Brenda asked me why I didn’t do a Feline Friday and it’s simply that the cats are in a rut too.

I find myself wishing away summer now.  The heat has been brutal lately.  But on a high note, I’ve been busy completing my application for the vocational school:-)

My latest addiction is checking out digital designers for freebies.  I’m busy filling up my computer’s hard drive with cute digital versions of flowers, buttons and papers, oh my!

This weekend I pledge to step away from the laptop and find something to do, to make a memory to scrapbook and yes, to photograph whatever it is to share with you!  Now if I can just think of something inside with air conditioning…


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