What a wonderful surprise!

Ray and I were just discussing where we wanted to eat dinner Friday evening when Jeremy called.  Turns out he and Zach were in downtown Suffolk!  Talk about being shocked and very glad that we hadn’t already left for Chesapeake!

Jeremy had been obsessing over buying some fancy Corvette wheels and he ended up trading his wheels with a guy from North Carolina.  They decided that Suffolk was a good mid-way point and I was the winner in the whole deal.

As the guys parked the borrowed truck in our parking lot, our apartment complex decided to greet them by having a cacophony of sirens and lights erupt.  The sprinkler and fire alarm system does this every so often and it’s jarring to anyone’s ears, an even better reason to go out for dinner.

I had to remind the guys that last year they had just moved us into this building.  It had been a very hot weekend to move and they were happy to hear that we had signed another lease.  I was happy to see (and hug) Jeremy and Zach is like a surrogate son after all he did for us last year.  Even better that they were the first photos in my August 2013 folder – YAY.  I’ve already scrapbooked my first page for August starring…

What a wonderful surprise!

What a wonderful surprise!

Supplies:  Digital Project Life page G, Becky Higgins Clementine journaling card and label, La Belle Vie Designs “A Little Dirt Never Hurts” gear and dude elements.

Disclosure:  More photos were taken but I was using the Nifty Fifty lens and it is very sensitive to camera shake – several photos were blurred much to my regret.  I need to practice more with this lens!



4 thoughts on “What a wonderful surprise!

    • It was really nice! I just wish the pics I had taken at the pub hadn’t been blurry, urgh! Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. -Lao Tzu



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