Two Sons

Last night I talked with Brandon AND Jeremy!  Two separate calls from my 2 favorite sons just made my day complete.  Brandon told me about his latest adventures in competing to get into the Army Special Forces and Jeremy sounded relaxed from taking a day off his work at the dealership.

I often wonder if they really know/feel how much I love them.  Can they possibly?  I often look at them and see the little boys they used to be and I hope they know how proud I am of the men they are.  I miss the times when we would just hang out and be a family – just the three of us for such a long time, so many memories.


The first house they grew up in was a rental that I refer to as The Shack.  Cheap rent, barn board walls that would give people splinters, only a woodstove for heat and sat right next to the railroad tracks.  My ex-husband would probably have stayed there forever as long as he had a boat but I wanted our own home – I didn’t see the irony in that for a long time.  But here we are with my Mom’s hand-me-down sofa, Princess push button phone and a messy bedroom further back but all I see is a very happy momma playing with her two precious boys – before Jeremy was diagnosed with leukemia and Brandon would have several insecure years ahead of him.

Today they are happy and healthy 23 year olds!  Jeremy is an hour and a half away and Brandon is about 14 hours away.  I’m so grateful for cell phones eliminating that distance between us.  Our immediate family has evolved with Ray, Kiesha and Chance joining us and they add more color and spice to our mix.

Today I am celebrating my family and thanking God that I was given the opportunity to become a Mother.  There were several years of tears and prayers that came before that gift was given to me with a little help from a prescription.

I think of them when I hear this song!


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