I thought I’d share some blog posts by others out in the huge blogosphere that might inspire you today!

This is a great site I just found that has a lot of inspirational ideas: click here

I’ve been reading the Digital Photography School blog for years and it’s helped me learn so much about getting off the Auto setting.  This post really screamed at me this week.  I had hoped to work on one of the assignments this weekend but hello – Rain!  Click here

I’ve been on the fight to take processed sugar cane out of my diet as much as possible.  I am happy to report that yesterday was a very good day for my hypoglycemia.  I am now taking Vitamin B-12 and Chromium Picolinate supplements.  Anyone who’s experienced the ups and downs of blood sugar will understand my happiness at feeling balanced again.   Click here to read more.

My love for digital scrapbooking and reading blogs on this subject led me to this great website:  FREE FONTS!  Hello a new obsession!  I have Grand Hotel, Lobster and Ostrich but now I’m eyeing some more….hmmm…

Hope you have a wonderful Sunday!



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