Trains for Chance

Yesterday Ray and I headed out for lunch and shopping with my camera in tow.  We started off in downtown Suffolk, ate and walked around the shops but then we had to drive to Pet Smart for  the kitties supplies.  I noticed a parked set of train engines on our way and asked Ray to pull over.  Since Chance continues to love trains this post is for him.

These shots were taken at mid-day and were just flat looking so I texturized them with PSE10.

9.7 (3) (533x800) 9.7 (5) (800x533) 9.7 (8) (800x533)

No texture...

No texture…

9.7 (14) (800x533)

Loud FAST train came by while we were on the parked engine!

Loud FAST train came by while we were on the parked engine!

9.7 (21) (533x800)

Too much texture?

Too much texture?

Curious to hear back from you – do you like the texturized car or is it too much?

Happy Sunday!


2 thoughts on “Trains for Chance

  1. Chance loved seeing the pictures! He saw the rusty old train with no filter on it and he said “uh oh, train brokk” (: he is all about trains this morning too! We are watch trains and locomotives on tv. I like the textured car, its always fun to do pictures like this every once in awhile. Might be doing a train theme for Chance’s room when we get it all together. I will have to get you to send these in to get put on a canvas or sheet metal soon! (: my mom also has a great pic of a train that I’m having her do the same with! (:


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