Textures and Talk

I’ve just finished drinking my cup of coffee sweetened with coconut palm sugar with a touch of coconut milk and a huge gluten-free chocolate scone while I’ve caught up on my blog reading this morning.  Sounds so decadent!

This weekend Ray was busy programming the DVR for college football, tennis, and pro football.  I confess it doesn’t feel like football season to me while the a/c is running.  I want it to be chilly outside and have my knee socks on as well as my Snuggie.  Maybe a pot of chili on the stove too…Autumn is my all time favorite season.

Tomorrow I have a 9 a.m. interview at the school!  You would think that I wouldn’t be nervous since I’ve been working there for months as a temp.  But nerves are not rational or funny and they love to pick on me.  It will be a huge blessing to get this job.  They have made it full-time with benefits!

Ray and I are hoping to pay off our credit cards and finally be able to take real vacations again!

Here are some pics of textures from this weekend:

9.7 (2) (800x533) 9.7 (13) (800x533) 9.7 (16) (800x533) 9.7 (22) (533x800)

Hope you have a great Monday!

(these photos have not been edited)



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