Saturday Summary

This week I have lovingly nicknamed HELL WEEK.

I started psychologically freaking out last weekend over my job interview scheduled for Tuesday.  Apparently that wasn’t a huge stretch for it to affect me physically with my lower back, sigh.  On the day of my interview I dressed very nicely and didn’t prep at all mentally.  I kept thinking I’ve been working there since April so the interview was no biggie. I wasn’t prepared for the Director of the school to participate, ugh.  I was so nervous.  I answered the questions as best I could but the final question – Do I have any questions for them?  Um, no I don’t.  That answer haunted me all the way home!  Really.

This week was the busiest it’s ever been for my job.  After the interview, I was filled with insecurities and doubts but I made it through.  I’m still waiting to find out if I got the job.

No worries, I will let you know when I hear something.

Many thanks to my husband Ray, sister Bren and shoulda been a sister Cheryl for much needed hand holding and pep talks this week!

Have a great weekend:-)


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