Sunday’s Destination: Adventure

Ray recently read in our local newspaper that The Memphis Belle would be stopping in Chesapeake.  I’ve posted before about his love of history and war memorabilia.  This was right up his alley.  They were offering 45 minute flights in this historic B-17 bomber for $450 per person.  Unfortunately, that was a bit steep for us but we could still enjoy touring it.

As we drove from Suffolk to Chesapeake, Ray pointed up at the sky and said “there it is!”  I couldn’t miss the bomber’s unique shape in the sky, obviously not a commercial plane.

We arrived at the executive airport just as the bomber was making its approach for landing.  Thankfully I had my telephoto lens on the Canon and I started snapping away.  I realized that the focus wasn’t working – hmmm, I had turned off the auto-focus sometime before.  Made the correction and then it was back to capturing this huge jet’s images.

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It was only a few months ago that we toured the Military Aviation Museum.  Sunday was different because we saw this beast up in the air, heard it land and it taxied over to the tarmac right in front of us.  Seeing those four props furiously chopping through the air was exhilarating!  The pilot revved up the engines for us before shutting it down for the day.  It was powerful!  It was also smelly!  My sensitive nose picked up a burning oil smell immediately.  We had to watch where we walked under the plane so we wouldn’t walk in the oil spills that dripped from the engines.

Ray had a great time crawling up into the plane from underneath the cockpit.  He took photos inside because I felt claustrophobic just peeking into the side door.

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Did you ever see the movie The Memphis Belle?  Surprisingly, I did back in the day!!!  Here’s some history for you from Wikipedia (click here).

The pilot, Ray and one of the crew - love the vintage clothes!

The pilot, Ray and one of the crew – love the vintage clothes!



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