It was a really good day yesterday!

I went back home to visit my loved ones that are nearby.  I asked Brenda if she would pose in some photos WITH me and her husband Richard willingly agreed to take them with my camera.  Brenda and I are self-conscience about our body image so I tried to come up with flattering poses.  Then I had to get Richard to stand exactly where I stood to line up the shot.  It was hilarious.

There are 3 photos of us with the tree face.  The first image Bren closed her eyes. Take two:  Richard cut Twinkie out of the shot. Take three: the humans and poodle look great but the tree lost his eyes.  I didn’t notice that at the time so I had to do a photo merge at home later.

Untitled-5 edited group shot (800x556)

I then took a tour of Bren’s side and back yard for another photo op.  She mentioned a bench at the back of the house.  Problem it was facing into the sun!  I dragged the bench over to a different area for a better angle and background.  But that was still too bright for Bren who is sensitive to the light.  Solution Richard and I moved the bench to a shady area with taller hedges in the background.  Yay.

006 (800x533)

Mom dropped by Bren’s not knowing I was leaving soon.  I always take Mom with Twinkie in that chair…sigh.  But I promised her I would visit her after lunch!

026 (533x800)

But I had to meet my friend Nancy for our traditional Mexican lunch, Pollo Jalisco is grilled thin chicken breasts served with a hot sauce that will light you up.  But it’s pretty tasty when dipped in sour cream and I scoop up some rice with it.  Yum!

2013-09-20 14.01 (800x600)

I went to Mom’s and Judy’s for a few hours to visit with them before Jeremy and I met for dinner.  Sagebrush was Jeremy’s suggestion after I nagged him about K & L barbecue {sigh}.  He’s trying to eat healthier foods so I can’t complain.  After dinner, I suggested we sit in his car for a bit.  Then I had the mad impulse for him to drive me around and show off his “new” Camaro.  He took the t-tops off and away we went.  It was a crazy ride!  I snapped a few of him with my phone.

2013-09-20 18.37 (800x600) 2013-09-20 18.35.01 (800x600)

Then I came home to the love of my life and the 2 kits.

It was a very, very good day!


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