Here’s what 82 looks like…

Yesterday we celebrated my father-in-law’s 82nd birthday!  His birthday was actually on Friday but since Ray and I had to work we drove up yesterday to spend the day with his parents.  Cliff, the birthday “boy,” requested that we attend a picnic with them in Crewe.  So that’s where we met them.

The picnic event is an annual celebration the local electric co-op hosts for their customers.  There was live music, a tent for health screenings, demonstrations on how the electric crew fixes transformers and their safety steps they perform to stay safe up there next to so much power and door prizes to win.  I was excited to see a hot air balloon being set up when we got there although I expressed some concern over the winds.  Turns out they were dismantling it instead of setting it up because of the winds {sigh}.  Ray and I thought we would have gone up in it but who knows – he has a fear of heights and I have had vertigo a few years ago – but we were going to try it!

We were only at the picnic for a few hours and it was COLD CHILLY!  The sun had a lot of big clouds to contend with and the wind just made it feel chillier.

We ate and then drove to Ray’s parent’s house in Jetersville.  The trees are just starting to turn to beautiful gold and red.  I have a few photos to share this week of leaves but today is all about Cliff.

I recently read a great post from photographer Darlene Hildebrandt that you can read here.  I was inspired to capture more than the traditional birthday photos (although he didn’t have a cake to blow out candles).  We were just celebrating the time we were spending together.

Cliff stays in shape by always finding something to do around the hacienda, loves to watch sports on TV especially basketball and reads westerns.  He and Jeanette scaled back on the raised-bed garden this year and have only canned green beans and pears this summer.  But they have beautiful green and red peppers that they’ve shared with us!

It was a good day!

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The slightly out of focus look is entirely my fault because I try not to shoot in “auto” that’s why Ray looks so tickled in the last shot above.  That was take 3!  Sorry bout that Cliff and Jeanette!



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