Just a little encouragement

Last week at work, I signed up a lot of people for the Partial GED test.  The great thing about the GED is that if you don’t pass a subject or two the first time, you can re-take the subject(s) instead of taking the whole thing over!

One particular gentleman I will call Mr. P. had some questions about his scores so I looked him up in the system.  The scoring system is complicated so I explained it to him.  I noticed that his overall score was already in the passing margins however he needed 10 more points to pass Math.  I was so excited talking with him and I kept telling him “you can do this.”

I asked him to call me after he got the results because everything is changing with the GED system in January.  I wanted to make sure he took a few classes if he still didn’t pass.  But I kept telling him that I knew he was going to do it!

Yesterday, Mr. P. called me.  He was so worked up he could hardly remind me of our conversation last week.  HE PASSED!  He said over and over that he appreciated my encouragement and that’s what helped him.  It was wonderful hearing his excitement and that he took the time to call me and share that happiness with me.

I got tears in my eyes as he told me this.  My job is crazy off and on during the day.  Dealing with the public can be irritating sometimes.  But yesterday was one of those moments that shined for me.

Later last night, I stuffed 6 envelopes with congratulation letters and transcripts.  I didn’t remember all of those 6 but I smiled the entire time.


2 thoughts on “Just a little encouragement

  1. Sher, you’re making a difference. That’s a perk in your job…a job you’re obviously great at! What a terrific blog today ❤


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