A Year Ago today…

Ray read a request in the newspaper asking for local photos, I thought October = pumpkins, so off I drove.

I stopped at Evans Produce stand right off of the 58 Bypass.  I asked permission to shoot his fabulous displays and pumpkins and he nicely agreed.  I mentioned that if one of my photos made it into the paper I would mention his stand.

Who doesn't love pumpkins? They make me smile!

Who doesn’t love pumpkins? They make me smile!

The sunlight was bright and fabulous that morning.  I played with angles and settings on the camera and captured a few that I really love.

He had cute displays and signs too...

He had cute displays and signs too…

I then drove to an old church further down that road that Ray and I noticed on one of our expeditions exploring our new area.  The church had so much character.  I struggled to get my camera out of the bag there as I parked along the quiet road.  I snapped a few and then drove to another church.  This one was bigger and newer.  In my mind, I liked the juxtaposition between the two.

old church (533x800) 10.5 (26) (520x800)

Then I had to go buy some groceries.  As I went to pay for them I noticed with horror that the little mesh bag I had used to hold my debit card and ID were missing from what I used as my camera bag.  I panicked, gave the clerk my phone number in case it showed up in the store and then I retraced my steps from my photo journey.  As I pulled up to the old church, I started to cry when I saw that mesh bag along the side of the road.  My debit card and ID were still in there.  It was my own small miracle! I was very grateful!

Here’s the picture that made the paper:

10.5 (9)




2 thoughts on “A Year Ago today…

    • Thanks Judy! It’s been less hectic lately so I’ve been settling into it easier. I’ve decided no photography this weekend and I’m taking it easy. Hope you are having a great weekend!


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