To Clog or Not Clog – that is the question

Ray and I went to spend my Kohl’s cash yesterday with the intention of buying me a comfortable pair of shoes for work.

I have a lovely shoe collection of sexy high heels but they aren’t right for my new job plus my cranky back doesn’t like them either.  The shoes that I have worn for the summer were tasseled loafers {yawn} when I wasn’t wearing sandals.  Of course, I wore my ankle boots a few times last week and they were ok but my feet hurt so bad on Friday that I ixnayed wearing them again so soon.

As I walked around the shoe department, I oohed and aahed and I confess I caressed a few beautiful pairs of high-heels but then I got to work finding comfortable but not ugly shoes.  That wasn’t easy.  Then Ray and I passed an aisle display of clogs.  CLOGS?!  I’ve never worn clogs before.  I told him I wasn’t a clog-type of girl.  I always worried that I needed to walk funny or they would fall off of my feet, lol…silly me.  Then I tried them on and cue the heavenly choir… my achy feet felt happy!  All I had to do was find my size and pick the color!

Who knew clogs could be so comfortable?

They have a red pair but not in my size.  Going to have to shop online!

2013-10-13 12.22.30 (800x480)


One thought on “To Clog or Not Clog – that is the question

  1. Aw, Sher!  You finally got “clogged”!  They look adorable on you, especially with those argyle socks.  Welcome to my world, where comfort is “queen.”  I discovered Crocs last month and Sketchers, too, and honey, I wouldn’t trade them for anything!  I loved this blog…thanks for writing it.  Love, Bren


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