Feline Friday

I took these photos of Bud and Spooky last night to share with you.  I don’t believe they are totally in focus but I used the sports mode setting on my camera.  Have I mentioned that I’m getting ready to trade in for a new camera – one that has a faster shutter!

I have recently started eating So Delicious coconut milk ice cream – the flavors that don’t contain cane sugar.  I was very surprised that my little ones LOVE licking the bowl, spoon or in this case the carton, lol.  When I used to eat cereal with almond milk Spooky would sniff the bowl and turn away.  This just proves that if we get stranded on an island that we can survive if there are coconuts:)

2013-10-17 21.41.53 (800x480) 2013-10-17 21.41.56 (800x480) 2013-10-17 21.42.45 (800x480) 2013-10-17 21.43.03 (800x480)


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