Where did the weekend go?

I woke up to gray skies on Saturday and wanted to put my head back under the covers.  But since the kits were in desperate need for kitty litter, Ray and I had to go to the nearest Pet Smart.   We made an afternoon of it with lunch at Five Guys, a walk around Michael’s (and I didn’t buy a thing!) and then Pet Smart.  Not only did we snag a bag of Dr. Elsie’s litter but we visited the cats and birds as well.  Then it was home for college football and I scrapbooked a page for my Project Life book.

I was so excited to see blue skies yesterday and that big bright orb in the sky.  I took my camera outside on a quest to find things that were RED.  I confess I was looking for red leaves and didn’t find many.  But I was shocked that I had a hard time shooting in manual mode.  If you don’t use it, you lose it – obviously.

The highlight of my weekend was seeing and talking with Brandon, Kiesha and Chance last night.  Oh, the marvels of technology that we take for granted.  The flip side of that is worries over my computer this weekend because I kept getting blue screens with scary words like “crash dump” and computer code all over it…ugh.

A new anti-virus and internet security system download and a warning that it found a virus and contained it has made me feel much better.  Ah, technology.

The most interesting man in the world.

The most interesting man in the world.

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