I {heart} Vintage Cameras

Do you know the thrill of finding the unexpected?  Ray and I travelled to Ivor this afternoon so that he could test drive a motorcycle.  As we parked the car in front of the motorcycle shop, I noticed a very small yard sale in the side parking area.  I walked over to browse as Ray went in the store.

There were decorative vases, books, collector’s knives, a Brownie Hawkeye camera with the flash attachment, costume jewelry…backup a minute.  Did I see a Brownie Hawkeye camera?  Oh yes I did!  When the seller noticed me eyeballing it, he came over and made his pitch.  I was drooling but I never (mostly never) keep cash on me.  I listened intently and almost fell over when he said it was only two dollars!  Only $2.  Well I marched over to see Ray sitting on a motorcycle and asked him for a couple of bucks.  He’s a nice husband and he handed over the cash.

I took the camera back to the car while I waited on Ray.  I examined it very closely.  It has a broken shutter button but I don’t care.  I lovingly looked down into the view finder, found the gizmo to open the device to see the film compartment and set it on the dashboard so I could stare at it.

2013-10-26 14.49.25 (800x480)

How many memories did this little camera capture?  Who owned and operated it?  It looks like it was in good shape so I imagine the owner loved it like I love my Canon.  I became mesmerized looking at it and imagining all the people that it faced when it captured that moment in time and what they were doing.

I want to take a moment to thank the memory of my Grandma Lee for having a huge collection of photos that I loved to look at when I was a little girl until whenever it was that I stopped.  I’ve always loved photos and the memories behind them.

Then we drove away from that motorcycle shop and took a few random turns down roads we have never travelled.  I captured a few treasures to share with you tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “I {heart} Vintage Cameras

    • I’m still stunned that I looked at all. From the quick first glance it didn’t seem like anything interesting. I’m feeling very lucky! You’ll have to check out some flea markets and fall festival – bizarres.


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