30 Days of Gratitude – Day 6

My Mother

I’m obviously grateful for my mom bringing me into this world and it was a very dramatic entry! She overcame an addiction for alcohol and changed our lives for the better. She had more setbacks when she married an abusive A@@ and it took many years but she got us out of that mess too. She’s worked physically demanding jobs to keep us afloat and even let my 1st husband and I live with her while he/we struggled to become adults and live on our own.

Mom helped me so much after the birth of my twin sons. She was a fabulous and proud grandma and enjoyed singing to them and interacting with them. Mom was the one that took off from work and stayed with Brandon during the first days/weeks of Jeremy’s fight with leukemia and provided a lot of normalcy and support for all of us.

After my divorce, when I couldn’t cope she opened her door and let us move in adding 3 to a VERY SMALL home. Mom was the one to open my eyes to the doormat I had become after 3.5 years of sleeping on a pull-out sofa bed by asking why I kept trying to make my 1st marriage/separation/get back together/separation/divorce/dating but he doesn’t want to get remarried but didn’t tell me-syndrome work. I was a stupid mess and I didn’t want to see it but that’s what Mom’s do. They try to guide you and if that fails smack you in the face with the hard truth.

Mom is a feisty 79 year old that will tell you like it is. I’m proud of her fighting spirit – she has overcome a lot of health problems that a lesser person would have wilted under.

Thanks Mom for being YOU!

Mom - not sure what year

Mom – not sure what year

What a beauty  - 1960's

What a beauty – 1960’s

Her nickname is Kitty - she was/is a cat magnet

Her nickname is Kitty – she was/is a cat magnet

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”
― Cicero


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