30 Days of Gratitude – Day 10

Celebrating November

Ray and I went out to lunch and then Kohl’s for some needed work clothes shopping for me.  The parking lot at Kohl’s was full-ish. It was disconcerting because I’m not thinking its holiday shopping time yet. Then as we approached the doors we hear IT…Christmas music. OMG. Then we open the doors to a winter wonderland.

I love, LoVe, LOVE, Christmas music so it’s not a problem for me to listen to it when it’s time. I mean I remember the one radio station starting their 24 hour Christmas music cycle on or the day after Thanksgiving. Cool. I load my cd player with my 25 cd’s of holiday cheer about the same time.

I have been putting up my Christmas décor on Thanksgiving weekend for 6 years now and love doing it early.  But it’s seriously early November retail people!

I feel sorry for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Poor Tom Turkey and the spirit of gratitude that began with the Pilgrims just get a passing, quick nod. They are Rodney Dangerfield people. They don’t get any respect.

What I am thankful for today –

That Ray is back in town and that he wants to go out shopping with me.

That I wore my clogs – I like going without shoes in the car and in restaurants under the table.

That the leaves look so pretty all bunched up together in the parking lot.

Looking for beauty all around me

Looking for beauty all around me

What are you grateful for today?


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