30 Days of Gratitude – Day 12

Cold Temperatures

Ray spoils the cats so much that he goes overboard. Since Bud is really the one that loves going out onto the balcony this affects him most. Even though the date says 11.12.13 (love that!) Ray had the balcony door open when I woke up.  Hello, it’s COLD out!  Shut the door.

Our apartment stays toasty pretty much all winter IF the sun has been shining.  Overcast days and especially damp days we might have to turn the heat on.

I am definitely a Fall/Spring person but we can’t stop the seasons.  It’s going to drop below freezing tonight so I’m going to have to bring my scarf and gloves to work with me.

It doesn’t sound like I’m grateful for anything today so let me elaborate:

  • I am grateful for that first moment when I realize I can see my breath in the air!
  • I am grateful for my scarf and glove collection!
  • I am grateful for heat in my apartment and car (and the defroster)! 

Winter is coming…

What are you grateful for today?


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