30 Days of Gratitude – Day 20

Today marks my twin sons 24th birthday!  I’ve written about one family miracle – Jeremy’s childhood leukemia battle.  Today I want to write about another miracle but really there are two now that I think this through.

I had an endoscopic exploratory surgery in 1988. The gynecologist made a small incision in my navel and looked around to see what was going on with me.  I had been to so many doctors trying to find answers.  I can’t remember the list of symptoms that I experienced but I can tell you my diagnosis – Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Give the doc a prize!

I had a limited amount of time and chance to get pregnant.  I would have to start taking my temperature every day and keep a chart and two months later it was determined that I wasn’t ovulating so I was prescribed medication.  I asked if there was a chance for multiples and the doc said not really.  It didn’t really matter at that time if he said yes or no.  I was going to take these pills.

In the spring of 1989, I was pregnant!  I vomited for the first five months and again during the last 2 months so that was almost the entire pregnancy!   I felt beautiful during my pregnancy.  We would learn in the summer that I was carrying two babies.  Whoa!  The ultrasound images were very low quality back then and in fact the doc thought they were both girls.  I was removed from my job in September and waited until D-Day.

I woke up early that morning dreaming that I was running on the beach with Mel Gibson (we had just watched Lethal Weapon).  Me and Mel {sigh}.  Then I realized the stitch in my side was really a contraction!  I managed to go 11 hours before getting the epidural. Then we waited until too close to midnight and worried one child would be born one day and the second child would have a different birthday!  The little worries people.

Eighteen hours later – I managed to push Jeremy out at 11:31 pm.  The nurses had to press on my upper stomach to keep Brandon from turning and becoming breach.  Yikes!  Brandon took 13 more minutes at 11:44 pm.  Then all pandemonium broke out.  Brandon was blue and not breathing!  Thank God my Ob/Gyn had insisted that the our new pediatrician be present for the delivery.  Hello Dr. Lee!  He worked over Brandon as I was straining to see what was happening!

My doc was frantically working on me as I had bled too much and I went into shock.  I loved those warm heated blankets and couldn’t get warm enough. Then finally Dr. Lee said Brandon was ok and he could join his brother in the nursery.  I was placed in a room and got a transfusion and all went well from that point on.

My babies are grown men now!  I’m so grateful that I was able to conceive and give birth to two babies.  I experienced an amazing life as I was graced with motherhood.

I visited a naturalist nutritionist (that’s a mouthful) back in 2008.  After reading my health history, she said that I would have been advised to give up wheat and dairy for my ovarian condition in order to get pregnant in 2008!  Wheat – who knew you were causing me problems back then too.

The miracle of modern medicine helped me to conceive and the medical experience of Dr. Lee saved Brandon’s life at birth.  I’m so grateful for both of these outcomes!


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