30 Days of Gratitude – Day 21

My Kindle Fire and my laptop

I never thought Ray and I would be a 2 computer family but I’m very grateful I made the investment of buying my HP laptop 1.5 years ago.  I start my mornings with it by reading emails, then onto the blogs on my Feedly and reading interesting articles on the web.  I unwind from work by repeating this process before I go to bed each night.

I use it to do my Digital Project Life on Sundays if there are football games I’m not that interested in.  I will be sitting in the living room with Ray but doing something I love at the same time.

I’ve posted numerous book lists this year and I’m so grateful for my Kindle Fire.  I was one of those “I’ll never read on an e-reader” people but a not so funny thing happened.  I developed astigmatism and reading a real book became difficult and not fun.  But my love of books that began when I was in elementary school never wavered so we made this investment.

I take the Kindle to work and read during my dinner break.  You should have seen my face Tuesday night when it shut down from not being charged.  Ugh.  I still had 15 minutes and nothing to read.  I came home and charged it right away.

I’m hoping to find another great series to read soon.  I’m up to date with Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden books {sigh}.  I’m currently reading a Michael Douglas biography and finished Rod Stewart’s autobiography.  I love that I don’t have to go out to the library just go online.

I’m obsessed with playing Scrabble and sometimes I play Wheel of Fortune on it.

Love my two bits of technology!

What are YOU grateful for today?


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