30 Days of Gratitude – Day 22


2013-11-21 11.10.09

You may have read about my struggles with my new job a few months ago.  I’m happy to report that I’ve settled in nicely now.  Two months ago, I was interviewed and hired during the busiest 3 weeks I had experienced since I began temping at the school!  It was so intense that I felt like I wasn’t capable of doing the job at times.  I affectionately look back and call that time Hell Week x 3!

I made a few major mistakes that came from being so busy and stressed out.  This new adjective Perfectionist had been brought to my attention and that word is a nasty companion during times like that.  I played havoc with my self-esteem.  Yes, you read that correctly.  I.  I put myself through so much pressure because I needed the job desperately.

Just about every day is busy and that is good.  I have the satisfaction of giving encouragement to people taking their GED tests and that makes me happy.  My manager Robin and I celebrate with the teachers when we see the names on the passed list.

I also sign up folks for vocational classes like Cosmetology, Nurse Aide, Forklift and Welding.  Dealing with the public is always interesting!  I’ve had a few kooks but for the most part everyone is so nice.

The bottom line is that an introvert can find a good job working with the public!  I come home and decompress for a while and that’s ok.  Helping people makes me feel good.  Earning money again makes it even better.

I’m grateful to have finally found a good job with great benefits!  I’m so very grateful that Ray and I have come thru some very lean years (since the real estate bubble crashed).

You may be wondering why I included this beautiful tree in all of it’s Autumn glory – just because I love that pop of red surrounded by white and green!

Have a wonderful Friday!

What are YOU grateful for today?


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude – Day 22

  1. Georgeous tree and the contrast against the building is stunning!
    I’m so glad you have settled in and feel better!
    I am the queen of mistakes but I am thankful for them you know why? Because they are a great learning tool and as long as I’m learning I am growing! So I raise my coffee cup to you and toast to less mistakes! I’m thankful for you!🌟🌟🌟you are a shining star! Cheesy I know! But I love cheese! 😃😃🌟🌟


    • I tried to reply this morning with my phone and nada. Thanks for your kind words as always Michelle! I’m glad I’m back to lovin’ the job and your support has been very much appreciated. Hope you have an awesome weekend:)


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