30 Days of Gratitude – Day 24

My in-laws, Cliff and Jeanette

Ray and I drove to Amelia County yesterday to visit Cliff and Jeanette.  The autumn foliage is still quite spectacular in our section of my great state of Virginia but as we drove farther west there were more bare trees.  I don’t mind that a bit since I have a thing for trees all year long {smile}.  We had to stop so I could take some photos of a mama pig and her baby piglets.  So freakin’ cute!  I haven’t loaded them into the laptop yet.

Jeanette cooked her “meat pie” recipe which is a beef and bean casserole with cornbread on top.  One of my favorite dishes!  We spent the afternoon with them catching up on events and watched a little college football and the David Blane special they taped.  Then we started the drive back in the dark.

I’m so grateful for Ray’s parents.  They welcomed me warmly into their family.  They’ve shared their vegetable garden harvest with us for years.  Jeanette never batted an eye when she found out I was allergic to wheat.  She looks at cooking as an adventure and helped me adjust after my first two years of thinking it was so hard.  Jeanette is one of the craftiest women I know.  She quilts, knits, crochets, scrapbooks, makes cards and she had a great love of photography too!  Cliff is funny and has years of stories to share.  These two octogenarians are active around their property.  They remember the Great Depression and appreciate the little things.  I’m proud that they are “plugged-in” and communicate by email and that they love their Kindles.

What are YOU grateful for today?


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