30 Days of Gratitude – Day 28

Thanksgiving Food

It’s been a whole year since I have eaten delicious home cooked turkey and all of the fixin’s!  I’m looking forward to it but as many of us discussed this holiday food at work this week – it’s really about the sides and desserts, aka carbs!

Dressing vs. Stuffing – I call it dressing especially because mine is not stuffed in the bird’s privates, lol.  It’s fascinating to ask others what they call it.  Google says they both mean the same thing, well duh.  But it’s Southern to call it dressing.  I’ve tried a new recipe for my gluten-free dressing and it’s made with tortilla chips (UTZ Multi-Grain Tortilla Chips with flax, sesame and sunflower seeds, omg)!  I’m all about cornbread dressing and this one was so simple.  Open a bag of chips, chicken broth, celery and onions, spices and bake!  My, my how good it smelled last night and this morning I just need to scoop out a portion to go.

I was quite the busy bee last night since I also made mini pumpkin cheesecakes as well.  I was able to keep the sugar out of the mixture by substituting coconut sugar instead but I did use boxed GF gingersnap cookies as the crust and they had sugar cane juice in them.  I’m allowing myself a bit of sugar but a whole LOT of CARBS today.

My taste buds are waiting…


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