30 Days of Gratitude – Day 30

Blogging and most of all – my readers!

I have managed to post every day in November, woot!  I am fast approaching my 1 year anniversary of blogging.  Although I had hoped to post every single day of this year that didn’t work out and that’s ok.  I’ve shared snippets of my life, glimpses of people and things that I love, painful memories to help me heal but most of all I have tried to share my enthusiasm for life.  I’m grateful that I found the words to write on here and am so very grateful “to see” with my camera to share images with you.

I’m grateful for YOU = my blog readers!  Thanks for taking a few minutes to read this, to press “like” (Word Press members) and those that subscribe or “follow” me.

When I started this series, I didn’t pre-plan my daily theme.  I wrote from my heart each day.  I will confess that I struggled a few days while family drama and mood swings played a part in my distraction.  I went back on day 25-ish and made a list of all that I had written about so far.  I laughed when I saw that being thankful for Fridays was written about twice – oops but again that was how I felt on those days so it was ok.  I then thought about the last week of November and wanted to make sure I covered everything important.

The excitement I felt Thanksgiving morning summed it all up for me – I am all about FAMILY.  No one is perfect and neither is a family.  I can honestly say I’ve been there for them and they’ve been there for me.  We’ve had disappointments, disagreements and drifted apart, the 3 D’s.  Time dilutes misunderstandings and the awareness that time is short helps soften the hurts.  Then there is never enough time to spend with them.

Thank YOU again for making me a part of your day!

30 Days of Gratitude – over and out


2 thoughts on “30 Days of Gratitude – Day 30

  1. This is so word wonderful a year! I am proud if you. You are right it is hard to blog everyday! I love all that you share and when you look back all the year I feel there is a lot of growth and wisdom that comes from writing things out!❤️I know I have been blessed by your sweet spirit and words😃😃😃michelle



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