I {heart} Piglets

I’m excited to proclaim that I’m going to participate in the December Daily project by Ali Edwards this month!  I’m trying to figure out if I’m going to post in the evenings or just wait until the next day…

But this morning I have to share the cutest little pics of the piglets I mentioned before.  There is  a pig pen next to Rt. 460 that we pass when going back to visit our families.  It’s been empty for months but last week it had one big momma and her piglets!  I snapped away and in my excitement I didn’t check the first shots and blew some good ones!  {sigh} Shooting in Manual Mode is awesome when I pay attention to the details!  But when we drove by again on Thanksgiving Day there was another momma and more piglets.  So we stopped again.

They are just too cute to not share.

11.28 (6) (800x533) 11.28 (1) (800x533) 11 (800x533) (2) 11 (800x533) 11.23 (4) (800x533)

They remind me so much of puppies!  Not enough to put me off of the bacon though…{sick I know}

By the way, Word Press has turned on the snow – if you subscribe by email you may want to come back to the blog to see it!



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