December Daily – Day 2

December Daily – Day 2

Ok, this evening I confess to nodding off here on the couch while I was doing my normal decompressing from work by surfing the web.  But then I jerked myself awake because I committed to doing this project.   I was muttering to myself – Work is going to be intense until Winter Break.  What was I thinking taking on this project?  But I really want to do this.

I almost let it go for the night but I don’t want to be a failure.  So I went to the front bedroom closet and got my tripod out.  That was funny trying to remember how to hook my camera to it and then get it situated right.  I had a prompt for a snowflake photo (real or décor) but that wasn’t working for me.  I have plenty of snowflakes on my tree but something caught my eye earlier today and it inspired me to create this:

Our Christmas Tree

Our Christmas Tree

Did I mention that I have a rotating tree base…LOVE!

I don’t have to create a scrapbook page to put on the blog every day.  I want to feel inspired to take a meaningful photo a day.  Mission accomplished for today.





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