December Daily – Day 4


Yesterday was a tough one for me after a long night of insomnia that I can blame on stress at work.  I went to work very nervous that I had overbooked my GED tests.  One brilliant thing came from my worrying because I mentioned it to the book keeper who used to do my job.  Although she hadn’t experienced the high volume of GED sign ups, she recommended I enter the applications into a spreadsheet!  Man, why didn’t I think of that myself?  I have a spreadsheet set up for our bills and even my Christmas List is on one. 

Luckily for me, the office was quiet for a while so I was able to enter all of the information and set up a formula for the computer to count.  I didn’t overbook any tests, yay!  The tremendous weight on my shoulders slowly went away with the headache I came in to work with also.  Whew!

Now back to my December Daily – which I’m doing to motivate me to play with my camera every day this month.  I played with my camera settings last night before deciding to switch lenses to my nifty fifty.  Ray gave me that lens last year for my birthday/Christmas present.  It is great for bokeh images this time of year – hello Christmas lights! 

I’ve noticed that I have to be very careful when I hold the camera with this lens on it – it can blur easily since it doesn’t have an Image Stabilizer feature.  I went back to my snowflake prompt from the other day.  We haven’t seen any real snowflakes yet so how about some of my tree décor…

027 (800x533) 029 (800x533) 032 (800x533) 033 (800x533) 041 (800x533)


2 thoughts on “December Daily – Day 4

  1. Girl I have terrible insomnia and see a sleep dr for it. I totally understand not sleeping. I even take Lunesta so I can sleep! I love your photos! Hugs to you sweet friend. I wish you a good day! All things good to you❤️😃


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