December Daily – Day 5


Another busy work day finished! Whew.  I’ve been counting down the days until my Winter Break at school – 11 more days to go.  Reminds me of when I was in school and I did that countdown for every holiday or teacher’s workday.  I hated school that much THEN…it’s much more satisfying to be working in one instead.

We’ve had two write ups in the newspaper about the changes to the GED testing and how it is affecting our students.  The first story featured a woman that is determined to pass the test this month.  She and her husband have had some hard times lately.  Well the good news is that someone read that article and mailed her a card!  She got fan mail.  She came in to register for her tests tonight and told me that her fan included money to help her pay for her tests.  Well, my eyes got teary and I got goose bumps.  I love kindness being alive and well.

The other write-up featured a couple married since high school but they didn’t finish school.  They took the math class they needed and just passed.  I love the happy stories and my heart breaks for those that struggle.  I appreciate all of them making the effort to improve themselves.

Speaking of work, they put the Christmas tree up this week.  I finally got to admire it up close today after it was finished.  That’s the photo I’m sharing today.  The ornaments and garland represent what the school is about – vocational training.  There are heavy equipment ornaments, yellow caution tape garland, medical ornaments for the EMT and Nurse Aide class, hair roller ornaments and a garland of permanent rods for Cosmetology, food ornaments for culinary arts and more to represent all that the school offers – some of the programs are for the high school students – some we do in Adult Education.  Just saying that makes me think of the Hall & Oates song.  Yes, I loved Darryl Hall.  I can admit that.

Vocational Christmas Tree

Vocational Christmas Tree


They even put a bell around the Deer’s neck welded by our very own artist and welding teacher!


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