December Daily – Day 8


Sunday, sweet Sunday

I planned to get out of the apartment today and photograph something “else” without having a plan really about what “else” was…but we stayed inside.  It was warm and dry inside and even though we were spared ice and snow like areas around us, we chose to take the day of rest.  Laundry had to be done and I checked in with my Mom then Jeremy and I spoke for a while this evening.  Emails to and from Ray’s parents were shot across the cybersphere.

There was much laughter watching the Detroit Lions take on the Philadelphia Eagles during what looked to me to be a blizzard.  It was comical and we even wondered if either of the teams would be able to score at all and they both did.  It was a really great game.  The Redskins didn’t have that same excuse with hardly any snow, ok maybe some ice.  But I was rooting for the Chiefs anyway!  Woot.

Yesterday I purchased Ray and Bud a laser light. I’m not sure who is enjoying it more.  Ray has been laughing like crazy and Bud just keeps wandering around wondering where the little red light went!  Spooky got in on the action a few times and then decided to try to get the gizmo from Ray.  {She was probably jealous that Bud was getting Ray’s attention – even a mature son fully grown I mean cat can still get jealous.}

004 (800x533) 006 (800x533) 009 (800x533)


Since Ray was out of town most of this week, I’m especially happy to have him home this weekend.  I took a snap of his feet on the recliner next to the tree.  Do you like seeing the ornaments or do you prefer the bokeh effect?  Curious minds want to know – really just me!

No bokeh - you can see the ornaments behind Ray's feet

No bokeh – you can see the ornaments behind Ray’s feet

The soft blur of bokeh

The soft blur of bokeh




2 thoughts on “December Daily – Day 8

    • Oh, no – sorry not a filter. I asked “Santa” for the 50 mm lens last year – the affordable one and it makes beautiful pics when you hold it really steady. It’s also known as the nifty-fifty lens:)

      I really love my tree this year! Hopefully you all won’t get tired of seeing it, lol.


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