December Daily – Day 10

Happy Hump Day!  Whew.  I have a feeling that today will be the be the busiest day of the year for me which is saying something as I’m preparing for 2 (count them 2) GED tests this week.  Ray got on me last night for overreaching by doing this project right now.  So I didn’t post this last night.  I’m taking it day by day.  Enjoying a small glass of wine at night is helping to take the edge off.

Christmas vignette

Christmas vignette

Reflection of tree lights on the tv screen, an old world  Santa and a Charles Chip Santa (Ray used to sell Charles Chips), a Christmas card, red sparkly tree in the background and the Chrismas mouse – little pieces of my Christmas decor.  A few of my favorite things!

I can’t help but think of this song from the animated classic “Santa Claus is coming to town” – here’s my mantra for today – listen/watch the video here.    May not be the exact meaning I am using it for…but it makes me feel peppy.

Happy Wednesday!



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