OLW {One Little Word}


You may not know of Ali Edwards if you aren’t a scrapbooker. She was my inspiration to do the December Daily project.  She’s amazing and inspires me to be more than I am.  A few years ago I embraced her One Little Word philosophy and I was happy to see her blog post today about it.   Read about it here.

A few years ago the word I chose (or perhaps it chose me) was WISDOM.  There were so many changes going on in my life and I needed to remember to think before speaking, look for answers and know that I couldn’t rush to fix or change things in my life or for my loved ones.  I also began collecting owls at that time – go figure {smile}.

Last year my word was FOCUS.  It applied to my love of photography and slowing down to make sure my settings were correct.  But to also apply that word to my struggles to pay attention to details {I’m not diagnosed with ADD but I swear I have it).  Focus on the positives.

This year I have chosen EnJOY.




1. take delight or pleasure in (an activity or occasion).

“Joe enjoys reading Icelandic family sagas”

Synonyms : likelove, be fond of, be entertained by, take pleasure in, be keen on, delight in, appreciaterelish, revel in, adore, lap up, savor, luxuriate in, bask in; More


2. possess and benefit from.

“the security forces enjoy legal immunity from prosecution”

Synonyms:  benefit from, have the benefit of;

be blessed with, be favored with, be endowed with, be possessed of, possessownboast

“she had always enjoyed good health”


4 thoughts on “OLW {One Little Word}

  1. Oh what a wonderful word for the year, Enjoy. I loved all your previous years as well and what a wonderful idea to do for the year. Mine is Faith. If I have a word that was what I wrote about Faith to step out and forward not knowing. I created some art as to how it feels for me. Like being blindfolded. But then when I read this about your word ENJOY, I think I need to learn to enjoy right where I am not matter what! Great post sweet friend. HUGS to you.


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