Goodbye 2013

Today is New Year’s Eve and the clock is clicking towards a new year! 

I have been shamelessly enjoying my days off by doing nothing.  I mean nothing but grocery shopping every few days and trying new recipes for my crockpot, doing the usual necessary chores around the apartment.  I’m dreading taking the tree down and packing up all of our decorations.  Will I do it tomorrow or Thursday? We shall see.

Today, I participated in a webinar for Capture Your 365 project by Katrina Kennedy and hosted by Lain Ehmann at Layout a Day.  I am looking for photographic inspiration and I am intrigued with the idea of a daily prompt to inspire me.  I have to hurry up and commit if I’m going to do this…stay tuned.

I also purchased a GREAT book by Scott Kelby – The Digital Photography Book: Part 1.  If I wasn’t married and Scott wasn’t married – but we are so I will just say I love his sense of humor that is very evident in this book.  I had to read Ray some excerpts and he thought they were funny too.

I made myself get off of the couch, out of the apartment door with Canon in hand.  I wanted to capture the beautiful wreaths that my neighbors hung on their doors this holiday before they get taken down.  Saying goodbye to this Christmas season in a beautiful finale:


My own door  was not as pretty with just a red bow.  But I love several of these!  Hope you enjoyed them too.

It has been a great year for me!  I celebrated my blog birthday on 12/12 very quietly thanks to my crazy time at work.  I have a little present for you tomorrow!  Yes, YOU, my dear friends – readers of my blog.  Thanks for coming along for the ride.


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