Happy New Year!

Can you believe its 2014?!  Wonder how long it will take me to not write 13 anymore.  Time marches on people bringing more gray hairs, ha. 

I’m making “the usual” resolutions for better health and fitness.

I want to list my photo-hopes for this year:

  • I hope to capture images of a Bald Eagle.
  • I want to explore more of my great state of Virginia – from the Blue Ridge Mountains to the sparkling deep blue Atlantic Ocean and everything in between and north and south.
  • I want to keep learning more about photography and capturing light and most of all LIFE.
  • I need to get out of my comfort zone and start photographing people more – even asking strangers {gulp} if I’m so inspired. 

Only 4 items but they have huge subcategories {smile}.  My motto – keep learning or just stay stewing.

I hope to travel out of the great state of Virginia this year as well. {yes, I am proud to be a Virginian}

  • A visit to see my bff in St. Petersburg, Florida (who moved there almost 10 years ago and I’ve never been there to see her – thanks economy}.
  • Seeing a Washington Nationals game live and in person!
  • A cruise to the Bahamas would be awesome. (big maybe)
  • Christmas in New York – yes, I really think I would like to see that awesome display and feel like a country mouse looking up at the massive skyscrapers. Oh my. (again big maybe) 

Now enough about me…

I would like to offer you a gift from my heart.  I purchased Libby Pritchett’s 4×6 calendar templates at Sweet Shoppe Designs and added some of my favorite  photos of 2013 to make calendar gifts for my family and friends.  You, my dear blog reader, are my friend and although I can’t mail these to all of my readers – I can share them with you if you’d like to download them to your computer via Dropbox.  I’d be honored if you want to print them and team them up with a magnet clamp and display on your fridge or you may want to use them digitally each month as a desktop photo for your monitor.

Enjoy:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/sfq4a4oad1laab4/U0mD04yG8B

(Instructions to download the calendar pages – go to the link above, click on first image to enlarge, click on the three dots in lower right hand corner for more actions – click download)

Happy New Year to each and every one of you!


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Well I hope you get to complete your resolutions for the new year! A trip to NY is must…but probably not on New Years!! 🙂 How sweet of you to share your calendar, I have downloaded and will use each month as my wallpaper. HAPPY NEW YEAR


    • I’m VERY honored, my friend, after seeing your beautiful work.

      I was thinking of making the trip before Christmas with all of the decorations. Ray is like really!? lol

      Have a great day and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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