Today I deconstructed the Christmas tree.  Is it just me or do you get sad when you pack up Christmas each year?  I have to remind myself that if the tree stayed up all year that I would lose my sense of wonder at the beauty of it all.  Days like this I remember my bff telling me years ago that her in-laws just rolled their tree into a closet each year!  We used to think that was crazy but right now I wish I had a big enough and empty closet!

I am amazed that I didn’t have to buy another storage tote since I added so many more ornaments this year!  Yay.  The Santa hat is still on top of the tree and Ray will help break down the tree and pack it up for another 11 month hibernation.

I struggled with today’s prompt for my Photo of The Day:


Better health – I started to try an interesting shot with my vitamins, the bottles and my pill organizer but I wasn’t feeling it.

Lose weight – I looked at the scale but really that’s not my main objective this year and yawn just thinking about taking that photo.

My main goal for doing this project is {drumroll} to improve my photography.  So this is the shot I took with my cell phone this afternoon.  It may not be perfect but it’s a macro looking into my zoom lens with a bit of me in the background and a glimpse of another lens to the side.

Goal 1.2.14 POTD

1.2.14 POTD


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