Quote and Photo of the Day

I’m reminiscing how I used to feel when I was a teenager and it was the end of winter break.  That is how I feel today.  It’s a shame to revisit those old feelings.  I’ve had a wonderfully restful break (not really thinking about the hectic Christmas hours).  I’ve cooked some new recipes in my crockpot.  I’ve been playing games on my Kindle like crazy (just like a teenager – smile). Today I started a new book series that I’m excited about.

So I’m applying this great quote from Dr. Seuss –

Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.’

It’s been great having the time off!  I have a trip to Florida to look forward to and then there’s Spring Break…counting down the days…shamelessly.

Today’s photo prompt is:  Winter Sports

Although it is cold as the Dicken’s here with temps going down into the teens tonight, I couldn’t think of anything for this prompt so I had to get creative.  Ray and I watch a lot of sports throughout the year.  Winter means football to me so here is my photo of the day:

Winter Sports

Winter Sports



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