Sunday Plans

On a fork

On a fork – Breakfast consisted of a scrambled cheese egg with a buttery Whole Foods gluten free sweet cream biscuit – yee um.

 Today’s prompt:

On a fork

I’m looking around my great room and feeling better about packing up Christmas today.  There is so much space when I walk into this room now.  My favorite oversized chair covered in pansies is cata-corner across from the couch and it’s got a beautiful plum colored throw on it (thanks Jeremy for such a lovely Christmas present!) 

I can sit in that chair and talk with Ray and actually see him when I talk.  That sounds so simple but that chair had been in our bedroom before and we just sat on our couch and turned our heads to look at each other before.  So yes, we have a conversation set up now.  Love.

I also packed up my snowpeople collection and brought out my teapots again.  There is a really cool new teapot standing around that I will show you soon.

I’m hoping that the sun will come out today since I plan on doing some clothes shopping.  I don’t enjoy clothes shopping most of the time.  It’s challenging to find things that fit my not quite petite short but very stocky self.  I want to have some exciting wardrobe options to go back to work.

Of course, there will be football when I get back home.

What are your plans today?




4 thoughts on “Sunday Plans

  1. Sigh! I have so many things to do today, but I am being really lazy and can’t find the motivation to move. What I would really like to do is to sit in front of my fireplace with my furry slippers and my glass of iced tea and read a new book I haven’t downloaded yet, but what I am going to do is drag my teen out to get a well needed haircut and then go visit my father in rehab and watch some football with him (I don’t enjoy watching sports) Good luck clothes shopping! Hope you find some great bargains 🙂


    • I hate shopping for clothes normally but I had a great time except the fitting rooms were COLD. I saved $$ by spending $$, my husband just rolled his eyes. It feels good to have new clothes though.


  2. Uncluttered, clean start. Enjoy your shopping. Sunday is our cooking day, the kids and grandkids come every Sunday for dinner. Jeff is grilling up some steak and I have to decide the sides…..Football can get dangerous here…Cowboy fans and Patriot fans LOL


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