Back to Reality

Happy Monday!  Right?!  Lol.

It’s in the 60’s this morning and when I leave work at 8 pm it will be below 32!  I better take my coat and other winter paraphernalia cuz here comes the cold front.  Tomorrow it’s not going above the mid 20’s.  Holy Smokes Batman.  I don’t know how the northerners are coping with -30 wind chills.  Isn’t that hard to comprehend?

Today’s prompt:

Unique (macro shot) 

I started off using a triceratops dinosaur figurine that came with my Christmas present – the Holga lens.  I placed the figurine on the window ledge inside my bedroom for the best light and then I grabbed my zoom lens because I’ve read you can use the zoom in a pinch for “pseudo-macro” because I don’t have a real bonafide macro lens.  But then Big Bad Bud jumped up on the window seat and tried to bite the figurine, grrrr.  I shoed him away but it was a battle of wills from that point on. Sigh.  {note – I don’t know why I didn’t use the macro lenses on the Holga, duh}

I gave the windowsill up for Bud and came into the living room.  Tried the dinosaur with my cell-phone set to macro…and it wasn’t what I wanted.  Notice I switched to my cell phone because the zoom lens was being awful trying to focus.

But lo and behold…I’ve had a stray Christmas ornament sitting on the end table because I’ve packed up Christmas and I haven’t figured out what to do with this stray.  It’s almost like it’s meant to be…

Look at all of the detail on this ornament hanger thingee.

Look at all of the detail on this ornament hanger thingee.

Since I’m back to work this week my blog schedule will be random.

Have a great week!


Samsung Stratosphere macro setting


2 thoughts on “Back to Reality

    • Thanks Judy! I have to admit I’m enjoying this daily challenge. I wake up obsessing over the prompt and what I will shoot each day instead of work matters:)

      Hope you have a really good week and that you are staying warm in your part of Texas.


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