Back to my life in Va

I had the most amazing weekend with Cheryl, my bff of 20+ years and her family in St. Petersburg, Florida!  She showed me the sights as well as glimpses into her life.  It was wonderful spending time with her.  I couldn’t believe I hadn’t seen her since 2011 even though we talk almost every day – thank God for cell phones.

I enjoyed the views of the Gulf of Mexico while flying into Tampa.  We had a great steak dinner before we had cake back at Cheryl’s house.  She even bought me gluten-free cupcakes (a vanilla and a chocolate one).  Then we headed to the Hard Rock casino where I didn’t strike it rich but I had a lot of fun with the video slot machines.

Saturday I saw St. Petersburg beach and captured some cool pics before Cheryl took us to get pedicures for my birthday present.  I enjoyed a back massage in the pedi chair while I got my toes painted a gorgeous dark purple.  I am going to indulge myself like that more often – the pedicures but more importantly visiting Cheryl more!

Tonight I’m sharing my Capture Your 365 project photos.  I will be sharing some of the Florida pics this week.

A Doorway – 10/365

A Doorway

In Good Hands – 11/365

Cheryl's hands

Cheryl’s hands

Footprints – 12/365


Cheryl suggested I take my shoes off and walk on the beach to take my footprints without knowing the prompt.  I started to do that and got distracted.   But I saw this shoe-print and sighed with relief even though I took it yesterday I’m using it!

This afternoon was spent with Ray and the kitties.  Now I need to go fold my laundry.

Have a great week everyone!



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