Late on the Bandwagon but I’m in LOVE

I confess I’m not a trendsetter and that’s ok.  Several times last year I heard from family, friends and bloggers about this amazing television show called Downton Abbey.  I was encouraged to watch it but I confess at the time that I didn’t have the ability to stream this or any show.  So it was frustrating to have to wait but sometimes waiting makes things more worthwhile.

We now have unlimited internet {I know it’s shocking that there is such a thing as limited anything anymore}.  Ray and I have made some choices regarding our Dish programming and decided to join Amazon Prime and Netflix.  Why both?  Because one service didn’t offer everything we want to watch.  I’m also getting free 2 day shipping with A.P. as well as access to the Kindle Lending Library and that’s amazing!

So what do I think of Downton Abbey?  I’ve always loved English historical movies so I wanted to give this a try.  This series began with the news of the Titanic sinking and seeing how the news affects the servants as well as the Grantham family immediately captured my attention.  The sets are rich with detail, the characters are endearing or devious, the plots are beautifully written.

I am now guilty of Binge Television – I watched the first season last night!  All 7 episodes back to back and I mentally devoured and enjoyed every minute!

If you haven’t watched this show, you are truly missing a great experience!


2 thoughts on “Late on the Bandwagon but I’m in LOVE

  1. Sherri, We also have just joined the online TV thing…I rarely watch TV (except to put me to sleep at night), but when I was sick after the holidays I sat in front of that boob tube for hours. Anyway where I was going with this is if you like BBC stuff, aka English shows, you must check out the BBC version of Sherlock Holmes, there are only two seasons that I can find on AP and only a few shows each but it is fabulous!


    • Oh, awesome!!! I’m putting that on my list right now! I’m glad that I’m not the only one just starting this. TV hasn’t been that important to me lately. But I do enjoy no commercials and choosing when I want to watch it. Thanks for the recommendation:)


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