It’s back….



Today’s prompt – Return

I had lots of calls to make at work – cancelling classes tonight.  We left the school at 5:00 and I arrived safely home just as the snow began…


6 thoughts on “It’s back….

  1. We only got a dusting up here, but sho’ nuff, they cancelled school today. My son is ecstatic, but when he realizes we are out of snow days and he will have to make them up somehow, he might not be so happy… 🙂 Enjoy your days off. Warm blanket, hot coffee or tea, a fireplace and a good book? I’m jealous 😉


    • Make up days – I’m not gonna love them…I think we will have to do Saturdays:( No fireplace but I’ve been streaming TV shows, Kindle book and games…comfort food…it’s all very good.


    • Looks like the rest of the week. Omg. I’m gearing up to look at it from the ground floor. I know it will be even more impressive when I get down there. Looks like we got 8 inches.


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