Goodbye January 2014!

Before I welcome this 2nd month of the year, I want to look back at January with appreciation.  I started my Capture Your 365 project on January 1st and I am so happy that I have 31 photos in my 365 folder!  So every day (except one) I captured an image that I believed suited the prompt.  That one day I didn’t shoot, I used a photo taken a few days earlier from my Florida weekend and that is ok too.  There are no hard and fast rules with this project which makes it even more perfect for me.

Back in early January 2013, I reorganized my photo storage system.  I went from 4 folders a year {Spring, Summer, etc} to monthly folders for each year.  That’s how I sadly realized that I had a horrible history of NOT taking photos during the month of January for several years!  Perhaps it has been a let-down feeling from the holidays being over but I suspect SAD (Seasonal Affected Disorder) striking me while there is less sun shine to inspire me.

So last year I pledged to take photos so my January folder wouldn’t be empty anymore!  Looking back into that folder today I realized I have 67 shots!  This year’s folder has….drumroll, please – 134 keepers!  Those 31 CY365 photos are not included in this tally!  So that would make it 165!!!

134 Photos were taken by me – the majority from my Canon and several from my cell phone (including a few screen shots showing those wicked low temps).  I’m very glad that I started this project.

So as I say farewell to January, I want to thank my best friend Cheryl, her husband Corey, their daughter Brenna {for letting me take over your room, Brenna}, their sons Brad and Brett {these guys have grown so much!} and last but not least Cheryl’s mom, Shirley {hope you are feeling better Miss Shirley!}.  Thanks for giving me quite an adventure to look back on!  I still regret not taking family photos of all of you!!!

But here’s one I forgot to post after my stay:


Baron is such a sweetheart!

Baron is such a sweetheart!

I also forgot to post this:

Focusing - photo of the day

Focusing – photo of the day – 1/30/14

I may not do Feline Friday’s anymore but Bud will still be featured on CY365 many days I’m sure!


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