Celebrating 20 Years!

I spoke with my friend Cheryl yesterday and heard about her plans for her kids (Brad and Brenna) birthday dinner when Cheryl asked “Isn’t today Jeremy’s anniversary?”  This threw me for a loop.  I had to think about the date and remember.  No, today is.

It’s been 20 years since Jeremy had his successful bone marrow transplant donated by his brother Brandon.  I am amazed that it was a literal life changing event that I will claim as a miracle and that I could “forget” about it all of these years later.

There are so many memories, traumatic and peaceful, before and since then and so many life changing experiences.

I subscribe to an uplifting email service.  I had to go back and open it yesterday after I realized it was spot on yesterday!  Here’s what it said:

A word on miracles…

Sherri, don’t let those that have not yet transpired, blind you to those that have.

It really fouls things up.

The Universe

Thank you God for blessing us with this miracle.  I’m thankful to VCU-MCV and their outstanding physicians and nurses, pediatric staff and amazing volunteers for providing many smiles during dark times.  I’m grateful for my family and my best friend for holding me together when I thought I was falling apart and for the millions of things they did to help make that time easier.  I’m thankful for the community that donated money to help us at that time.

Celebrating Life!


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