Spring (?) Finally

How is everyone?  Does it feel like Spring where you are?

Today was sunny and in the mid 70’s here.  Our sliding glass door is open on the balcony and the kitchen window is open for some cross breezes.  There is another cold front coming in as I type this but I’ve enjoyed every minute of that bright sunshine while it lasted!

I’ve been doing some much needed cleaning today.  Apparently, my winter doldrums didn’t mind the house getting dirty but my Vitamin D and B-Complex supplements seem to be helping me feel much better lately.  So I tackled some clutter, dust and the dirty kitchen floor.  I’m waiting on Ray to play Vacuum man and voila’ half the apartment will be finished.   It’s funny how good that makes me feel.

I can’t believe it’s been 81 days since I began my Capture Your 365 project!  I’m enjoying it more as I go along.  Here are this week’s photos:

3.17.14 Shamrock

3.17.14 Shamrock

3.18.14 Duplicate

3.18.14 Duplicate

3.19.14 365

3.19.14 365

3.20.14 Dyptich

3.20.14 Dyptich – only shots with my cell phone (Before and After theme)

3.21.14 Spring

3.21.14 Spring

3.22.14 On Their Terms

3.22.14 On Their Terms


2 thoughts on “Spring (?) Finally

    • Hi Judy!

      Yes, that is the first of my collection – a Polaroid Land camera. I’ve been hoping to use them as props in some of my daily photos.

      Hope you are doing well and enjoying the first days of Spring:)


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