Out like a lamb?

This week has been another quiet one for me.  I finally made some edits to my mom’s birthday bash and will share some of those photos tomorrow.

Today it’s raining and in the 60’s (woo hoo!)  I’m hoping for sunny weather tomorrow so I can go somewhere and explore with my camera – fingers crossed.

3.23.14 Phone Art (1)

3.23.14 Phone Art

3.24.14 All Lined Up (640x427)

3.24.14 All Lined Up

3.25.14 Aromatic

3.25.14 Aromatic

3.26.14 Arch

3.26.14 Arch

3.27.14 Where I Stand

3.27.14 Where I Stand

3.28.14 Foreground (427x640)

3.28.14 Foreground

3.29.14 Luck (640x480)

3.29.14 Luck – archived photo from last week’s diptych shot.


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