My life got derailed

Jeremy in ICU - April 1, 2014

Jeremy in ICU – April 1, 2014

I was at my desk on April 1st when my cell phone displayed an incoming call from my sister, Brenda.  I answered it with trepidation.  What was wrong?  My worst nightmare came true when she said “Jeremy is in the hospital in ICU. They think its pancreatitis.”  This wasn’t an April fool’s joke.   I rushed to tell my manager who made me sit while she called Ray.

Those moments between the call, going home to pack an overnight bag and Ray driving the 90 minutes to the hospital were the longest of my life.  Seeing my child in a hospital bed in ICU weakened my knees, flashbacks and paranoia from his cancer-fighting days unnerved me.

My mom has had this condition strike her twice in the last decade so I’m familiar with the twists and turns of the mighty pancreas.  Jeremy and his doctors blew my mind.  I kept hearing well he’s younger so he’s bouncing back faster.  He was out of ICU on the 3rd and discharged the next day to my disbelief.  He was still in pain and had been eating but stopped.  Yet they sent him home.

The next day we were back in ER where those doctors said “big mistake, he shouldn’t have been released” because his pancreas was still enflamed.  Turns out the lab work showed it was over but the CT scan said otherwise.

Long story short, Jeremy is still in hospital.  I came home last Sunday and again today for mental health breaks. I want to believe he is thru the worst of it.  He looks so much better than he did.  He’s back on a liquid diet and he’s going to take it slowly to give his pancreas time to recover and heal.  I believe God sent a very special doctor into our ER room last weekend who understands his condition and how to treat him.

I’m so grateful that my loved ones have been so supportive.  We’ve had a great group of nurses.  I also have to say that I’m so grateful for my job.  My manager has been amazing with her understanding and turns out I had enough time build up to cover for this emergency.


4 thoughts on “My life got derailed

    • Aww, thanks Kristin. He is much improved. Scary how things can change in an instant. I’d been very worried about him since Christmas but thank God he’s listening to his doctor now.


  1. Sherri I have been wondering about you and am so sorry to hear about your Jeremy. I will pray for him and your family. So scary that they let him out with this condition. He’s a fighter for sure and always has been with a momma like you. I’m so glad you posted this! Hugs and prayers for you!


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