Feline and Flower Power Friday

I’ve been searching for my blogging mojo.  I’m still celebrating life each and every day but my spirit has been a bit frazzled from the winter doldrums, losing sweet Spooky and watching over Jeremy as we came close to battling the spectre of death again.  {I know I’m very dramatic here – try living it 24-7, sigh}

So to dip my toes in the water again, what better subject than BUD?  Then I included a few more buds – flowers given to me at work to celebrate Admin’s Day {week}.  I’m going to plant the gerber daisies and the marigold this weekend (I promise Bren).  I’m joining my fellow admins today to have lunch with our director at Applebee’s.  TGIF!

20140419_083218 (640x480) 4.25 (2) (640x427) 4.25 (4) (640x427) 4.25 (6) (640x427) 20140419_134220 (640x480) 20140419_142115 (640x480) 4.25 (8) (640x427) 20140424_203828 (640x480)


Ray and I are having lunch with his parents tomorrow.  His mom is 81 today!  Go Jeanette:)  Talk about celebrating LIFE!  Woo hoo!

Today’s post is in honor of my sister Bren and Cheryl.  These two inclredible ladies are my very best friends and supporters in this world.  They also share my love of the Budmeister.  This Bud’s for y’all.


4 thoughts on “Feline and Flower Power Friday

  1. Ah, Feline Friday, starring Bud! My very favorite feline nevvy. I have really missed your Bud pics, Sher, and the flower ones are great, too! So glad to have you all back, luvs!


    • Sweet Bren, I had to pull the laptop close to look at the letters for NEVvy:) My eyes saw neWy, lol. Thanks for the praise. But you know how easy he is on the lens. Hugs my sis.


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